Hello there

Hello there. This is my personal web site. I use this site to host various web applications that I create for my own use and enjoyment. You are free to use them, however please give proper attribution.


Joshua Carroll


These are hosted so I can use them in offline applications.


Apps, proofs-of-concepts and demos

  • simpleWeather.js implementation - A simple jQuery plugin to display current weather data for any location and doesn't get in your way. Created by James Fleeting. More details at http://simpleweatherjs.com/
  • Broadcast Score Updates (v1.202) - This is a web page which is enabled by JavaScript, jQuery and JSON to display sports scores from Arkansas' 5A, 6A and 7A conferences. The background is a (horrible) light green because this page is used on a live video broadcast of our team's sporting events. A chroma-key filter is applied making the selected color transparent. The intended result is what you would likely see a tthe bottom of the screen while watching ESPN.